401K Distributions Count As Income For ObamaCare Subsidies

No matter what age you elect to get a 401K payment, it WILL count as taxable income both for the IRS and ObamaCare. The money you have in a 401K is money you earned that has not, as yet, been taxed. When you take it out it then becomes taxable income even though you might have actually earned the money many years ago.

In order to get an ObamaCare subsidy, you have to calculate your income from various sources and it has to all add up to less than 400% of the poverty level. 401K’s are included as income you must use in that calculation. The only page I could find about income types on the ObamaCare website is here┬ábut unfortunately it doesn’t mention 401K’s. This is just another example of how messed up this whole ObamaCare fiasco is and how incompetent the people are who are in charge of it.