Alabama Health Insurance Exchange

*Alabama is one of the states that will NOT run its own health insurance exchange.
*The state has also elected NOT to expand Medicaid as laid out in the ACA.

No Alabama Health Insurance Exchange

Governor Robert Bentley made an announcement in November 2012 that the state would not set up a new exchange for health care. The main reason he cited for rejecting a state-based marketplace was that it would require increased taxation on Alabama’s citizens with no proof that the Affordable Care Act will improve health care. He is one of many governors that believe Obama Care is not affordable and should be overturned.

Because there will not be a state run marketplace, Alabama residents will have to go through the Federal health insurance exchange. The national site can be found at but you cannot register until October of 2013.

No Alabama Expansion of Medicaid

Despite a new poll that Alabamians support the expansion of Medicaid, the elected representatives have decided to reject that part of the Affordable Care Act too.

What Is The New Health Care Law?

It is will be a requirement that all persons 18 and older be able to prove they have health insurance by January 1, 2014. Penalties will be levied if you are caught without insurance and that will be done via the IRS and your taxes. Understandably, this is a big change in America and many people are unsure what they need to do.

Having the IRS be the enforcer of United States healthcare is objectionable to many Americans and the ACA will undoubtedly face many legal battles in future years. However for now, all Americans should plan on getting health insurance by the beginning of 2014.