Alaska Health Insurance Exchange

*There will NOT be an Alaska health insurance exchange.
*There will NOT be any expanded Medicaid in Alaska as a result of the Affordable Care Act.

No Alaska Health Insurance Exchange

According to Governor Sean Parnell’s statement on his website, the elected representative in Alaska have decided not to institute a state wide health insurance exchange. They believe┬áthat for such a wide sweeping program like the Affordable Care Act, all dollars should come from the federal government and not the states as would have to happen if the state exchange were approved. They do not want Alaska taxpayers to foot the bill for a program that as yet is unproven and has so many questions associated with it. Many states (Alaska included) have been frustrated by the lack of information coming from Washington about the new health care law and because of this, have voted against spending their own dollars to set up a state exchange.

Because Alaska has opted not to develop their own exchange, they will be relying on the national health insurance exchange. Any questions you have should be directed to: but please note that you cannot actually do anything there until October 2013.

8/18/2013 Update: Two insurance companies (Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska and Moda Health) have been approved to sell health plans on the federal exchange.

No Expanded Medicaid For Alaska Either

A decision has also been made to not adopt the Medicaid expansion as outlined in the ACA because of the high costs. However, this decision could change as the governor has agreed to revisit the subject when he submits his December budget. Even though it is agreed that expanding Medicaid would lead to more than 30,000 Alaskans gaining health care insurance, the cost is viewed too high at this time.