Another ObamaCare Last Minute Extension

President Obama made another extension on March 5th, 2014 which allows health care plans that are not in compliance with ObamaCare to be allowed for two more years. The problem is that this move most likely was made for political reasons and NOT to help Americans who have lost and are losing their plans.

I’ve Already Lost My Plan An Its Not Coming Back

Personally, I have already lost my health care plan as it was discontinued because of ObamaCare. Even after Obama reversed course and said I could keep it after all, my health insurance company did not bring it back so I am stuck with a new plan that costs $130 more per month and has a $1,000 higher deductible.

No matter what Obama says, my old plan and my old rate is gone forever and I can’t keep it. He can say anything he wants but none of this helps me or any of the people who have already lost their plan. None of the discontinued plans will be reinstated because the insurance companies have already cancelled them and they are not going to redo everything again.

Why Extend The New 1 Year Exemption To 2 Years?

What this new extension does is stop some health insurance plans that would have been discontinued later in 2014 stay around a little longer into 2015. These include many of the plans that businesses have and those plans have, up till now, largely been unaffected by ObamaCare. People who work for a company and have employer paid healthcare have so far escaped the higher rates and deductibles that people who buy their own insurance have had to pay.

But that will all change when the extension is up because many corporate plans are not up to ObamaCare’s standards and will be replaced with insurance that costs a lot more. People don’t want to pay more for something that is called “The Affordable Care Act” but they will have to. Making this second extension will push any fallout from that into 2015 which is well past the November 2014 mid term elections.

Keeping People Complacent Till After The November Elections

Clearly, people are pissed about ObamaCare and all polls show that a majority of Americans hate it. This new 2 year extension was made by President Obama to help give cover to Democrats who might face an even angrier rebellion of voters 8 months from now if those voter’s insurance is in the process of changing. In short, delaying the ObamaCare plan mandate until 2015 will mean Democrats have a better chance of keeping their seats in Washington than they would have without this extension. It will just delay the enevitable but at least Obama’s Democrat pals might remain in power with this move.

So, if you have a job that offers you health insurance, you might have just been given another year with your same plan. Consider yourself lucky for now!