Arizona Health Insurance Exchange

*Arizona will NOT create its own health insurance exchange.
*Arizona WILL participate in the medicaid expansion part of the Affordable Care Act.

No New Arizona Health Insurance Exchange

Governor Jan Brewer notified the United States government on November 28, 2012 that Arizona will not be involved in creating a state run insurance exchange. You can read her letter here:

She is one of many governors who rejected the state exchange project due to it being too expensive for taxpayers and no guarantee it will make things better. Republican governors are on record opposing ObamaCare and the increased role of government in health care. Jan Brewer has been one of the most vocal governors in America to oppose the new law.

Since there will be no health insurance marketplace just for Arizonians, people living in the state must sign up for the federal exchange. The brand new federal exchange will open sometime in October 2013. Until then, you can go to the website and read what is planned here:

Yes To Expanded Arizona Medicaid

Updated 6/13/2013 – Jan Brewer scored a big victory in the state today as she convinced many conservative lawmakers in the state to vote “yes” to expanded Medicaid. Brewer is a surprise supporter of the expansion since she is opposed to Obama Care. Now that it is official, low income residents of Arizona will be eligible for Medicaid in 2014 and it is thought that up to 300,000 might qualify.

The United Sates government will pay the costs in 2014 through 2016 and after that Arizona state will be responsible for 10% or more of those expenses. For up to date information about expanded Medicaid in Arizona please visit: