Arkansas Health Insurance Exchange

*Arkansas WILL set up health insurance exchange partnership with the US government.
*Arkansas WILL pass an alternative plan to the proposed Medicaid expansion set out in the Affordable Care Act.

Arkansas Health Insurance Exchange Partnership

Mike Beebe, the Arkansas Governor notified Washington in December 2012 that the state would like to partner with the federal government on a health insurance exchange. The state governing bodies were unable to pass a vote to set up a state run exchange and thus the compromise partnership was agreed upon.

The state’s new health website is called Arkansas Health Connector and you can start looking for insurance on the site on October 1, 2013. Any insurance you buy will not begin until January 2014.

Funding for a state exchange is always the biggest hurdle that has to be overcome. Many states just don’t want to allocate the dollars as right now, ObamaCare is a big unknown and information from Washington has been scarce. It has been estimated that several hundred additional hires will be needed to help guide people through the new system when it is set up.

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Arkansas Expanded Medicaid – An Alternative Plan

President Obama has approved an alternative plan for Arkansas for the expansion of Medicaid. Instead of funds given by the United States government going into the Medicaid system, they will be used to buy private insurance for state residence. This compromise was made due to the inability of legislators to agree to the standard Medicaid expansion mandated in the Affordable Care Act.