Can I Register To Vote At My Health Care Insurance Exchange?

register to vote at a health care insurance exchange

It appears that some ObamaCare state health insurance exchanges are going to offer two things when you go to their websites: insurance shopping and voter registration. As of August 1, 2013 three states have announced that people will also be able to register to vote when they go to their marketplace to compare health plans. Those states are Vermont, California, and New York.

Whether any other state will join in is unknown at this time. It is also possible that the federal health insurance exchange will at some future date decide to offer the same “service”.

The Affordable Care Act was signed by President Obama and it is mostly loved by Liberals and hated by Conservatives. It will face legal and political challenges for months and years to come without a doubt. As I write this, Republicans are trying to think of ways to shut down the government if the individual mandate isn’t repealed.

It is easy to see why adding the ability to register to vote at an exchange is something that the politicians of blue (Liberal) states would want to do. Their voter base is mostly made up of underprivileged people who rely on the government and mostly vote Democrat. These are the same people that may be without health insurance now and will be using the health marketplaces when they open. It is a perfect place to sign up new voters who most likely would lean heavily toward voting Democrat.

This new wrinkle on the Affordable Care Act and the health insurance marketplaces that go with it will undoubtedly add fuel to the fire in the fight to get rid of ObamaCare.