Delaware Health Insurance Exchange

*The state of Delaware WILL have a partnership health insurance exchange.
*Delaware WILL have expanded Medicaid in conjunction with Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

A Partnership Delaware Health Insurance Exchange

On November 14, 2012, Governor Jack Markell notified the Federal government of Delaware’s intentions of choosing the state partnership option for insurance exchanges. What this means is that the state will use the federal insurance marketplace website but have more control over the plans and dealing with all the follow up. It is a compromise where the state works with the Feds to get more of its citizens onto health insurance.

Delaware is a very small state and thus the reluctance to start their own exchange. There is hopes that in the future they could partner with other states to offer an insurance marketplace but that is something that would be years away. As the ACA law won’t fully kick in until 2014, all states in the country are now working hard to get their states in compliance so that citizens can start applying for health insurance.


Expanded Medicaid For Delaware

Delaware has decided to go forward with the expanded Medicaid part of the PPACA (Affordable Care Act). The state’s projections show that they will benefit from the expansion and it will allow more of its low income citizens to get onto health insurance.