Do I Have To Buy ObamaCare?

There is a tremendous amount of confusion about almost every aspect of ObamaCare.

Do I have to buy it?
Where do I buy it?
What is the deadline for buying ObamaCare?
How do I avoid getting a tax penalty?
How do I find out if I will get an ObamaCare subsidy?
If I sign up now, when will my coverage start?

The questions go on and on but the bottom line is: You DON’T have to buy ObamaCare but you do need to buy health insurance. 

The Affordable Care Act now stipulates that everyone must have health insurance by March 31, 2014 and if they don’t, an IRS penalty may be levied against you. There are lots of exceptions however, and you can read about some of them here and there is a form you have to fill out which can be found here.

If you don’t qualify for an exemption, it is important to understand that the law says that you have to have a health plan (from any insurer) that qualifies and gives you the “high” level of coverage that ObamaCare stipulates. But you do NOT have to get that plan from ObamaCare’s

Right now a lot of people distrust President Obama because of his health care lies and the deeply flawed website his administration put out. They understand that if you go to you will have to enter a myriad of personal information that will go into a new national data base.

Many people  just don’t want any part of ObamaCare and would like to avoid it as much as possible. Unfortunately though, going through the website and entering all your private information is the only way to get a subsidy so you might have to go there to get cheaper insurance.

However, you can (and should) try on your own to see what other health insurance is available by contacting private insurers to see what health plans they have that could end up being cheaper or at least equal to ObamaCare. is NOT the only place to get health insurance and it is your right to get it from where ever you choose. The only thing you need to make sure of is that any insurance plan you buy must give you an acceptable level of coverage that passes ObamaCare’s rules. Now days though, most plans the insurers are selling do qualify.