Does ObamaCare Include Long Term Care Costs?

As we all know now, many of the people signing up to ObamaCare are older Americans. That makes sense as those 45 and older are more inclined to need medical care than those who are younger. Additionally, we have a huge group of Baby Boomers set to retire in the next 15 years and they will undoubtedly stress the health care system to an extent we have never seen before.

Many of those Baby Boomers are caring for their parents and see first hand how difficult and costly long term care can cost. They are worried about making sure their parents are taken care of and then making sure that when the time comes, there is enough money for their long term care needs as well.

So the question is: does ObamaCare insurance cover long term care costs? Unfortunately the answer is “NO”.

ObamaCare does NOT cover any long term care costs even though some people think it does. The coverage you get when you sign up through the website is standard health insurance that covers many things but not any long term care.

If you are worried about being able to afford long term care when you get older (and it can cost tens of thousands of dollars every year depending on your situation), you need to buy separate insurance just for that. Search online for long term care insurance and do a lot of research before buying just to make sure you understand exactly what the benefits will be. But as for ObamaCare paying for your long term care costs… won’t happen!