List Of Every ObamaCare Health Care Plan In The Country

Are you trying to find what ObamaCare health care plans and rates are offered in your state? Are you tired of trying to sign in and sign up for ObamaCare and would just like to see what is available?

Now you can and you can do it though this link which will show you every ObamaCare health plan that is available today as well as prices for certain groups.  The data section of has this information and you will be able to scroll down and view all health plans offered at this time.

On the spreadsheet / table, first you need to find your state at the very left. Then search for the county you live in and then find the different insurance companies listed. Scrolling to the right, there will be prices for each plan for a 27 year old, 50 year old, family, single parent family and several other categories.

I found the plan I will be transferred into on January 1, 2014 (per my health insurer) and the price I was notified I would be charged was similar to the price listed on the spreadsheet. So, chances are that while the ObamaCare website has been an overall disaster, you might find information on that list that might actually be helpful.