The Federal Health Insurance Exchange

Federal Health Insurance ExchangePresident Obama’s Affordable Care Act attempts to correct many of the errors in the current system thus enabling millions of Americans to be able to get insurance for the first time. These include people with pre-existing conditions and people who can’t get insurance now. In order to do this, a federal health insurance exchange needed to be established that will allow people to shop for health insurance in a place that won’t reject them.

Overhauling something as big as the whole health insurance system is no easy task. That is probably why it has never really been attempted before. There are so many competing opinions and so many dollars at stake that it is impossible to please everyone.

President Obama’s Healthcare Promises

The main promise Obama has made about his new health care act is that it will allow millions of additional Americans to be insured. He has also promised (at one time or another) that health care costs will go down, no one will lose their existing coverage, if you like your coverage now you can keep it, people will have more choices, doctors will not be adversely affected, as well as many other positives.

As the law and implementation of it have yet to fully take place, just how the Affordable Care Act will actually play out has yet to be determined.

State Health Insurance Exchanges

The main way the new law will offer insurance to those who need it is through state exchanges or marketplaces. Each state has had since 2010 to set up their system so they can offer a marketplace for people to shop for insurance. The problem is that not every state is willing to participate. Please see the map below which shows the states in dark blue that are setting up their own exchange, the states in yellow which are refusing to set up an exchange, and the light blue states which are in-between and not committing.

state health insurance exchange map

The Official Federal Health Insurance Exchange

As so many states are refusing to set up their own exchange, the federal government has been forced to start a national insurance exchange which you can go to here –> You can now set up your personal ObamaCare account on the site by creating a username and password but you will not be able to browse through any insurance plans or pay for anything until the site officially launches in October 2013. Health insurance that you purchase from October till the end of the year on the site will not start until January 2014.

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