Florida Health Insurance Exchange

* Florida will NOT set up a health insurance Exchange that is in compliance with the ACA.
* Florida will NOT expand their state Medicaid program.

Florida Says “No” To A Health Insurance Exchange

Florida has led the way in the fight to repeal ObamaCare by suing the U.S. Government so it is understandable that they have opted not to start their own health insurance exchange. It is confusing though, as they already have an exchange called Florida Health Choices which is for small businesses but it does NOT meet the requirements of the ACA. Further more, the state has been clear that they will make no effort to meet those requirements down the line with that exchange.

States that are run by Republican governors are often against the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) because of the mammoth expenses it will entail with no guarantee that anything will get better. These states, Florida included, refuse to set up their own health insurance marketplace and citizens in those states will have to use the national health insurance exchange.

August 15, 2013 Update: So far, the following 10 companies will be selling health plans on health exchange. Unfortunately, they will not all be offering plans in every county so the county you live in may only have a few of these plans.

•Aetna Life Insurance Company

•Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida

•Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

•Coventry Health Care of Florida, Inc.

•Florida Health Care Plan, Inc.

•Health First Health Plans

•Health First Insurance Company

•Health Options, Inc.

•Humana Medical Plan, Inc.

•Molina Healthcare Of Florida, Inc.

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“Yes” And Then “No” For Florida Medicaid Expansion

Governor Rick Scott has come out in favor of expanding Medicaid in the state of Florida to comply with the ACA. The state has one of the largest percentages of people without healthcare and he said he would not stand in its way.

However in May 2013, the state legislative session ended with no agreement to the expansion which means it will not happen in 2014. Unless Governor Scott calls a special session, which by all accounts say he is unlikely to do, Medicaid will not be expanded in Florida for the foreseeable future.

It is very unusual for a Governor to come out in favor of something as important and pressing as expanded Medicaid, only to have the state legislators not come to some sort of ruling.

Update: On July 25, 2013 federal HHS officials had a press conference with reporters to try to get the conversation going again in Florida. They said there is no deadline and offered more than $50 billion of incentives which would be paid during the first three years if legislatures pushed forward and passed expanded Medicaid in the state.