ObamaCare Health Insurance Is About To Get Crazy

Obama Care is a train that is off the rails and yet still speeds towards the station. Instead of pulling up safely and stopping at its proper spot, it looks now like the train could careen out of control and hit everything in its path. An exploding fireball of confusion and chaos is what the Affordable Care Act is rapidly turning into.

Last week the administration said that the mandate that employers of over 50 people provide health care insurance will be delayed a whole year to 2015. “Doing it right” is the important thing they said. But all that does is show that they weren’t prepared in the first place and that the theory of affordable care is easier to imagine than actually implementing it.

If you go to the Facebook page of healthcare.gov you will see a smiling girl on the cover picture but you need to read the comments to see that people aren’t smiling. The chances are that whenever you go there you will see many of those comments expressing confusion and downright anger as the people start to realize that what has been sold to them as a health care system for everyone is hardly that. The word “affordable” can mean something different to every person and in many cases rates will be rising. How exactly is that affordable?

On October 1, 2013 (if they actually get everything up and running on time) anyone shopping for insurance will be directed to either their new state exchange or the Federal exchange that will have state plans in it. What this means is that someone looking for insurance in New Mexico might get very different results than if that same person lived in Hawaii. What you get and what you pay for it will depend on what state you live in. Completely.

There is no real national health coverage or federal health plan. It is all state by state and some states will have it better than others. You are going to be at the mercy of where you live and that will be confusing to people when they start to do more research.

Health care affects everyone at some point in time and that is why it is such an important subject. It matters to every one of us and it is expensive, no matter what spin is put on it. The word “affordable” was chosen for an Act that will never be able to make it actually affordable. More fancy marketing by an administration that may want to do the right thing but has no idea how to actually do it.