How Do I Buy ObamaCare Insurance When The Website Doesn’t Work?

Many people are having trouble buying ObamaCare health insurance because just doesn’t work. Since ObamaCare’s website went live on the 1st of October, hundreds of thousands of people have visited it. But, hardly anybody has actually been able to sign up and get insurance for 2014.

The media is full of stories of people who have tried dozens of times to create accounts, sign in, and sign up all with no results. Error messages are extremely common as the website was NOT ready for the onslaught of hits it would get and continues to get. Both Democrats and Republicans agree that so far, ObamaCare has been a disaster and is very embarrassing for the Administration.

Will There Be A Delay In The Individual ObamaCare Mandate?

Right now, people across America are concerned about what they are going to do if the problem isn’t fixed as time is running out. Remember, everyone has to have health insurance in 2014 or a penalty from the IRS will be deducted from your refund. If the problems aren’t fixed and I can’t buy insurance, will the IRS still penalize me next year? Surely┬áPresident Obama can’t institute a tax penalty for ObamaCare when the system is such a mess as it is now and so few people can sign up!

There has to be a drop dead date in the future after which a delay will have to given for the individual mandate portion of ObamaCare. At this point, whether it is sometime in November, December, or later is anyones guess but we are surely getting closer to it every day. Remember, the employer mandate has already been postponed one year and the same should be done for individual people too.

Do I Have To Use An ObamaCare Exchange To Buy Health Insurance?

There are still lots of places you can go to purchase your own health insurance. Contact any insurance company to see what rates they will give you and those rates might be reasonable and even “affordable”. The problem is though, the only way to get tax credits (subsidies) is through the ObamaCare exchange. So while you may be able to buy insurance on your own somewhere else, if you do it will mean you WILL NOT be eligible for any subsidy. The ONLY way to get refund, subsidy, tax credit, or whatever you want to call it is by going through the ObamaCare health exchange. That is the only way.

If you go through a private insurer or get your health insurance another way, you won’t have to give all the personal information that ObamaCare requires. You will have to give your health history and perhaps even prove it but you won’t have to give income information and all the other private information that ObamaCare requires. This alone is why many people are not going to get insurance through the Affordable Care Act and just buy it on their own. So far, the total disaster that we have seen become, is not instilling confidence in the system and many people will undoubtedly never trust it.