How Do I Find Out Whether I Qualify For ObamaCare Subsidies Without Actually Signing Up?

One of the reasons why people have been hesitant to look into ObamaCare is before now was that you had to create an account at (meaning give your income, Social Security number, name, address, etc.) even if you just wanted to get an idea of whether you would be eligible for any of the subsidies. By creating an account, you would then be part of the new ObamaCare Data Hub and like millions of other Americans, your identity would be at greater risk to be stolen by thieves.¬†ObamaCare got off to a very rough start and their insistence that you sign up first and give all your personal information contributed to people’s outrage.

Finally, now you can find out what income level you and your family needs to be at to qualify for a subsidy without giving any personal information. Please look at the chart below (click it for a bigger view) to get an idea where you stand, keeping in mind that anyone who earns more than the top dollar number on the chart will NOT qualify for any government tax credit. Those who make more than the top number will have to pay the full amount of any healthcare insurance they get whether it through ObamaCare or individually obtained through an insurance company.

Remember, the ONLY way you can save money by getting your heath insurance through ObamaCare is by qualifying for some of the tax credits that will bring your monthly premium down to lower levels. If you make too much and don’t qualify for any of those subsidies, there is absolutely no reason to sign up and you might as well get your insurance on your own and keep some of your privacy.

ObamaCare Subsidy Chart