How To Get A Job As An ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchange Navigator

10/9/2014 Update: ObamaCare is on hold now that the enrollment period is over. But this is the time to study up and get ready to apply for a navigator job for 2014 that will begin in November. The second year of ObamaCare open enrollment begins on 11/15/2014.  Most likely the navigator jobs will start around $20 per hour and go all the way up to $48 per hour for the federal exchange. The states that have created their own exchanges will be responsible for hiring and training their own navigators and assisters so details of training and what they are paying is hard to find.  

Navigator Job Qualifications

You do not have to have a college degree to apply for this job but the exact qualifications will vary depending on where you live. In order to get a federal navigator job you will have to have 20 hours of training and pass an online exam that shows you understand the ACA and are unbiased. The requirement to pass an online exam is also a high probability for the states that have their own exchanges but the requirements will vary for each of those 15 states. It may be quite hard to get these jobs if you are unfamiliar with the health care industry and insurance in general.

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) had a rocky rollout in 2013 and everyone hopes the new enrollment period in October 2014 will go more smoothly. This is the second time around so many of the problems and kinks with the system should have been fixed by then and this would mean less confusion all around.

How To Find A Navigator Job

Insurance exchange navigator jobs will likely be available through all sorts of organizations such as church groups, United Way Agencies, community health centers, chambers of commerce, universities, various food groups, Planned Parenthood, Native American tribes, various foundations, unions, senior citizen groups, and many others. These jobs CANNOT be found in one place online or offline. There is no central hiring point for any of these jobs and that makes them harder to find.

Right now if you go online and Google “ObamaCare navigator jobs” you won’t get many results that look promising because few of the jobs are being advertised online. Your best odds of finding one is to do a lot of legwork by contacting and talking to people who are associated with any of the groups listed above. You need to make contacts and ask questions until you find someone who can steer you in the right direction for your city or area.


5/28/2014 Update: For a list of organizations throughout the country that have gotten federal grants last year that went toward hiring navigators. please click here. Only states that use the federal marketplace are on that list. Many of those same institutions should be hiring for navigator jobs again this year. Find your state to see which organizations or community groups got grants and contact them to find out how to get hired as a navigator.

On 12/11/2013 another $58 million dollars in grants were rewarded to over 1,000 health centers across the country. This list includes every state so you can use it no matter where you live to find health centers near you that are getting money to hire navigators. See that list here.

**Additionally, you can view and print the federal government’s job manual for navigators. It is a 207 PDF training document you can use to familiarize yourself with the job and see if you think you are qualified.


Your chances of finding work in 2014 will depend somewhat on what state and city you live in. For instance, California has thousands more navigator jobs than many other states. ObamaCare navigator training might be available where you live or it might not.

Good advice is to keep meeting people, calling people, and asking questions when trying to track down navigator job opportunities. Try to make a connection with someone that might have information that will lead to a job. Now is the time to start researching and reaching out to make the contacts that might lead to a navigator job later in the year.


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