I Just Got My Hours Cut To 29 Because Of ObamaCare

If you were just told by your boss that your hours have been reduced to 29 per week, don’t feel like you are the only one. It is happening all across the country to part time workers who really need those extra hours.

ObamaCare has redefined a full time employee to be one that works 30 hours or more. Thats down from about 33 hours. What this means is that many companies with part time workers are going to lower the amount of hours you can work to 29. They want to keep you classified as “part time” so they don’t have to pay for your health insurance under ObamaCare.

It is a difficult time for both employers and employees.

First off, employers are trying to figure out how to stay in business because ObamaCare is going to cost them a lot of money. There are a lot of uncertainties right now and many businesses are frightened. Thats bad for the workers because they are the ones that are suffering with reduced hours. For some businesses, it is a matter of cut hours or possibly go out of business.

Secondly, it is very tough for workers who only make minimum wage or close to it. They need as many hours as possible to make ends meet and now their hours are being cut to 29. ObamaCare is going to be creating a lot of part time jobs that pay low salaries and are for only 29 hours or less.

There are now more part time jobs in America than ever before. ObamaCare was meant to try to help some of those low income wage earners ┬áby getting them insurance but the unintended loss of hours is a new dilemma. Unfortunately, President Obama doesn’t see it as a problem right now or even a potential problem.

But if you just got your hours cut to 29, you know better!