I Lost My Job Because Of ObamaCare

You won’t ever hear the President or anyone in his administration talking about this but jobs are being lost all over America due to ObamaCare. The situation is even worse than that: many additional people are having their hours cut to under 30 hours a week so that they can be classified as part time workers which means their employer doesn’t have to provide them with health insurance.

This situation is only going to get worse as the year goes on and we get closer to 2015 when the employer mandate will kick in. Companies both big and small will start to realize they can’t afford to pay ObamaCare’s inflated insurance for their workers so they will start to lay off and cut hours that could reach epidemic proportions.

Right now the bad press has centered around all the people who buy their own insurance which is less than a quarter of working Americans. The other 75% haven’t been affect by ObamaCare yet but that will start to change throughout 2014. Everyone who has health insurance through their employer thinks they are safe from ObamaCare but many will be shocked when they see their premiums go up and/or they find out that their employers aren’t going to be footing that big ObamaCare bill without a fight.