Illinois Health Insurance Exchange

* Illinois WILL have a partnership health insurance exchange.
* Illinois WILL expand Medicaid in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.

A Health Insurance Partnership Exchange For Illinois

The Illinois insurance exchange is called Get Covered Illinois and can be found at Just like all the other state exchanges, many hundreds of thousands of people went to the new website at the beginning of October but few were actually able to sign up for and be accepted to a health care plan. ObamaCare is off to a rough start across the country and most people have had tremendous problems with error messages on the health exchange website.

The Governor of Illinois Pat Quinn announced  on July 17 2013, grants totaling $27 million that will be going to groups responsible for training navigators and assisters. These navigators will be an important part of every exchange as they are the ones responsible for making the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance plans understandable to ordinary Americans.

On September 24th, 2013 the following insurance carriers were listed as the ones to offer ObamaCare plans in Illinois: Aetna Inc., Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Illinois,  Two divisions of Humana Inc., Health Alliance Medical Plans Inc., Coventry Health Care Inc., and Land of Lincoln Health Inc.


Illinois Officially Gets Expanded Medicaid

On Monday July 22, 2013 Governor Quinn signed bill #26 which expands medicaid in the state of Illinois.  As expected, the Democrat legislators in illinois have been in favor of making Medicaid bigger and the Republicans have been against it. There are more Democrats though, and now that the legislation has passed, more than 300,000 low income residents of Illinois will be able to get health insurance through the expanded Medicaid program in the coming years.