Indiana Health Insurance Exchange

* Indiana will NOT develop its own health insurance exchange.
* Indiana is UNDECIDED on whether to adopt expanded Medicaid or some alternative.

No State Health Insurance Exchange For Indiana

Choosing to turn down the opportunity to start its own state exchange, Indiana has opted to use the federal exchange. Governor Mike Pence decided against going forward with the Indiana Insurance Market, Inc. which was supposed to be a brand new Indiana state exchange. That fledgling exchange came under fire from legislators who voted to abandon it and agreed to have Indiana residents use the national exchange.

High costs were once again the main reason for rejecting a state exchange. There is a lot of opposition to Obama’s Affordable Care Act from legislators in many states who are fearful of higher tax burdens on their residents to pay for a health care system that is totally unproven.

Warning: please don’t be fooled by a website that looks official but it is not an official Indiana health exchange:¬†

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Expanded Indiana Medicaid is Uncertain

As of June 3rd, 2012 Indiana is uncertain whether they will expand Medicaid or try to come up with an alternative plan. Up to 400,000 Indiana residents could benefit from an expansion but with it would come costs that many Republicans do not want to take on. He General Assembly ended with no agreement being reached and now Governor Pence is attempting to craft a plan that passes more costs on to the consumer.