Iowa Health Insurance Exchange

* Iowa will NOT have its own health Insurance marketplace in 2014.
* Iowa WILL expand Medicaid.

Iowa Decides On A Partnership Health Insurance Exchange

During the first year of the Affordable Care Act, Iowa will partner with the federal health exchange. However, plans are for them to possibly set up their own state exchange the following year. People living in Iowa will need to go to the national exchange starting October 1st, 2013 which will have health insurance plans for Iowans.

Starting in 2014, all people who are at least 18 years old will be required to have health insurance. There has been much debate over the Affordable Care Act and its stipulation that having health insurance is now the law. So many states have rejected having their own insurance exchanges that the federal exchange has taken on a bigger roll than initially anticipated.


Iowa Expanded Medicaid – Governor Says “Yes”

State legislators have been going back and forth for months on whether to expand Medicaid as stipulated in the ACA or to try to pass some sort of alternative plan. Getting more people on Medicaid is one of the ways Obama Care aims to increase the ranks of health insurance but many states are worried that the majority of costs will have to come from their taxpayers.

12/13/2013 Update: But now in early December governor Terry Brandstad announced that an agreement was reached and Iowans will be getting expanded Medicaid. He is the tenth Republican governor to go along with expanding Medicaid and it is a great Christmas present for many of the underprivileged who live in the state of Iowa.