Is ObamaCare Single Payer Health Care?

What is single payer health care and is it ObamaCare?

Single payer is what Canada and many European countries have: the government is responsible for all health care. In other words, the whole health industry is socialized and the “single payer” is the government. There are no private health insurance companies or plans like there are in this country and everyone is automatically eligible.

That sounds great right? However, the BIG downside is that everyone pays higher taxes and in many cases the quality of the health care is inferior to what is offered in America. The United States has had, until now, the best doctors and hospitals in the world. That is why thousands of patients every year fly here to go to our doctors for their surgeries and other serious health needs. When someone’s life is in the balance, if they can afford it, people will get on a plane just to have access to America’s health system.

With a government sponsored single payer system, that may all change. One of the goals of ObamaCare, many people believe, is to push us further toward getting such a single payer system. Obama believes the government should be in charge of something as important as healthcare and doesn’t want “for profit” doctors and hospitals being in the mix. Want proof? Here is Obama himself in 2008:

The battle for and against a single payer health system in America is just in its beginning stages. ObamaCare is the opening salvo by Democrats to start to control the American people’s health care options. If ObamaCare fails, they will say that more government control is needed and try to push us further towards single payer. And if ObamaCare works, they will use that as evidence that the government is indeed the best option and should be making even more of our choices for us.