Kansas Health Insurance Exchange

* Kansas will NOT have their own state health insurance exchange.
* Kansas will NOT expand Medicaid this year.

Kansas Health Insurance Exchange Never Gets Off The Ground

Initially, it looked like Kansas would be one of the states to set up their own exchange in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. However, over time governor Sam Brownback became less sure that would be the right move for the state and he eventually returned a grant that would have gone toward developing the system. Not a supporter of Obama Care, Brownback decided the law was too over reaching and would involve too many Kansas state tax dollars.

Kansas residents will need to use the federal health exchange starting October 1, 2013 when they search for health insurance. By choosing that option, Kansas state will put more of the burden on the U.S. government. The downside is that the health plans offered may not be a good as the ones that might have been offered on a Kansas insurance exchange.



No Medicaid Expansion For Kansas

In order for expanded Medicaid to take place, the Kansas legislature would have had to vote its approval. However, in early June 2013 the session ended without them ever addressing the subject. That means it will not happen in 2013 and proponents of the expansion will have to wait till next year.

Expanding Medicaid is something that typically costs a lot for taxpayers and many states are looking at it from a dollars standpoint rather than from a point of human compassion.