Kentucky Health Insurance Exchange

* Kentucky WILL have its own health insurance exchange.
* Kentucky WILL expand its Medicaid system for the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Kentucky’s New Health Insurance Exchange

After much in-state bickering, Governor Steven Beshear issued an executive order to establish a state health insurance marketplace. In May 2012 he introduced the new exchange¬†which will help Kentuckians who don’t presently have health care coverage find something that is affordable. The exchange will open in October 2013.

Kentucky has some prominent Republican politicians and many in the state do not agree with Obama’s ACA. A state exchange would not have been approved by them and thus the governor had to proceed with an executive order. There are a few lawsuits and challenges in place but they are thought to NOT be a threat to the new marketplace.

On 8/17/2013, Governor Beshear announce a new call center to help Kentuckians understand and get health care insurance through ObamaCare. You can reach the new call center by dialing 1-855-4kynect (1-855-459-6328). They have people to help you in both English and Spanish. .


Medicaid Expansion In Kentucky Gets Approved

Along with a new health marketplace, people in Kentucky are also going to be the recipients of expanded Medicaid which will help low income earners have health insurance. It is thought that more than 300,000 people in Kentucky will benefit.

Governor Beshear also made the Medicaid decision for the state due to opposition from conservatives who see Obama Care as being too over reaching and ultimately a drain on state resources. Expanded Medicaid in Kentucky might be different though, as the state will be able to save money for some years as many expenses will be pushed to the federal government instead of being paid by the state.