Louisiana Health Insurance Exchange

* Louisiana will NOT have its own health insurance marketplace.
* Louisiana will NOT expand Medicaid.

No State Health Insurance Exchange For Louisiana

Governor Bobby Jindal is one of the rising Republicans on the national stage. Firmly standing against the Affordable Care Act, it is little surprise that he has decided not to have a state health insurance marketplace. Residents of Louisiana must then use the federal exchange on October 1, 2013 when it opens.

Anything having to do with the ACA will be firmly challenged by the governor who sees the act as a egregious takeover by the federal government of something that should be kept private. The health care system in America is mess, most everyone would agree, but the ways to fix it will be debated for years. Having the government play such a central roll and even requiring insurance from anyone 18 and over is something many people disagree with.

So far five insurance companies (Humana, Coventry, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, Vantage and Louisiana Health Cooperative) have submitted about 90 health plans to the state Department of Insurance. They have yet to be approved by the state.



Expanded Medicaid Will Not Happen For Louisiana

Just like with the health insurance exchange, Governor Jindal will not move forward with expanded Medicaid either. Medicaid is a central part of Obama Care and one of the main ways it gets more people health coverage. However, a large part of the burden of paying for Medicaid comes from state taxes. Many governors are opposed to the expansion even if it won’t use state tax dollars right away. Increasing the roll of government, either federal or state, is a big debate in America and the expanded Medicaid from the Affordable Care Act falls right into that category.