Maine Health Insurance Exchange

* Maine will NOT create its own health insurance exchange.
* Maine will NOT get expanded Medicaid in 2014.

Maine Rejects A State Health Insurance Exchange

Governor Paul LePage issued a stern letter rebuking the Affordable Care Act and all the mandates associated with it. LePage feels like many other state governors do that the Act is full of rules and regulations that will ultimately come back to haunt the states in the form of higher costs. He said that creating a Maine health marketplace would serve no purpose as any state marketplace is bound by all the rules and stipulations the federal government puts on it.

Maine was one of the states that joined the Supreme Court suit that challenged the legality of ObamaCare. The Supreme Court ultimately ruled that the ACA was legal but made several changes that gave more options to the states.

People residing in the state of Maine will, starting October 1, 2013, have to go to the federal health exchange to shop for the affordable health care insurance that has been promised under the ACA.


Expanded Medicaid Goes Down In The State Of Maine

It looks like Maine will not be getting a Medicaid expansion next year as the legislative branches were unable to overturn a veto by Governor LePage. The Republican governor had earlier vetoed a bill that would have expanded Medicaid and in order to override that veto, the House needed a two thirds vote. In mid June 2013 they came up just short meaning that the veto will stand and that low income residents in Maine will not be eligible for any kind of Medicaid expansion.