Massachusetts Health Insurance Exchange

* Massachusetts ALREADY HAS its own health insurance exchange.
* Massachusetts WILL get expanded Medicaid in 2014.

 The MA Health Connector Is The Model For All State Health Exchanges

President Obama’s Affordable Care Act used Massachusetts already existing marketplace as their model of what they would like every state to create. Back in 2006 under then Governor Mitt Romney, Massachusetts passed a health reform law that created the Health Connector exchange that helps every state resident find affordable health care.

It has been reported that in 2012, upwards of 98% of Massachusetts state residents had health insurance coverage. This is the goal of ObamaCare as well and why they used this state’s reform legislation as their model.


Massachusetts Will Expand Medicaid In Compliance With The Affordable Care Act

It is no surprise that the state will expand Medicaid starting in 2014. One of the most liberal and progressive states in the nation, they are one of the first to applaud Obama’s ACA and willingly signed on to everything in it. The state has high expenses right now for Medicaid and passing much of those onto the Federal government in the first three years (2014 to 2016) will save Massachusetts millions of dollars during that time span.