Michigan Health Insurance Exchange

* Michigan will NOT have it own state health insurance exchange.
* Michigan WILL have a substitute plan that is similar to expanded Medicaid.

Michigan Health Insurance Exchange Won’t Happen

The Michigan state Senate recessed in March 2013 without voting on whether a state marketplace would be established. Nor did they address the state-federal partnership option that was thought to be the front runner. While the governor wants to have either a state or a partnership exchange, the legislators feel differently and that means that starting October 1, 2013, Michiganders will have to use the federal exchange to shop for health insurance.

Citing a concern that the federal exchange will not have the best insurance plans for residents of Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder lobbied for the state exchange or the partnership exchange all the way. However, there is strong opposition to all aspects of the Affordable Care Act from legislators who have the ultimate power to make the decision through their votes.




No Decision Yet On Expanded Medicaid In Michigan

As of July18, 2013, there has not been a ruling on whether Michigan will get expanded Medicaid. Governor Snyder is for it but he faces lots of opposition from legislators not wanting to increase state outlays at a time when money is so tight. The Republicans are firmly against making Medicaid bigger even though the federal government would pick up most of the tab. A vote is expected in late August in the Michigan Senate but not before then.

8/29/2013 Update: The Michigan Senate voted 20 to 18 to expand Medicaid and the vote now goes to the House and then possibly on the the Governor to sign. It looks VERY LIKELY that Michigan will get expanded Medicaid sometime in 2014.

4/1/2014 Update: The new Healthy Michigan plan goes live today and will serve as a substitute to expanded Medicaid. To learn more about the plan and how you can sign up please visit http://www.michigan.gov/healthymiplan