Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange

* Minnesota WILL have a state health insurance exchange.
* Minnesota WILL implement expanded Medicaid.

A New Health Insurance Exchange For Minnesota

The state will open a new health coverage marketplace called MNsure. However, due to the complexity of setting up such a system, exchange officials are now saying that some features of the exchange will be delayed till later in the year or into 2014. The key element of allowing people to shop for insurance and sign up for plans WILL be functional and it will only be minor things that are delayed.

Starting in October, anyone residing in Minnesota will be able to go to MNsure to pick different health plans specifically designed for them. Coverage will begin in January 2014 which is when Obama’s Affordable Care Act kicks into full gear.

Both individuals and small businesses will be able to shop for coverage at the new exchange and supposedly no one can be turned down for any reason. Many states are resisting setting up their own marketplace but Minnesota’s legislators were on board with the new laws early.





Minnesota Will Also Get Expanded Medicaid in 2014

Minnesota grew Medicaid in 2011 and that was called Medical Assistance. In an effort to get even more people on the program, the state will expand Medicaid again in 2014 to keep up with the ACA. The governor has been an early supporter of it and both the Minnesota House and Senate have passed bills clearing the way for the expansion. It is hoped that tens of thousands more people in the state will be able to soon get health coverage.