Mississippi Health Insurance Exchange

* Mississippi will NOT have its own state health insurance exchange.
* Mississippi is UNDECIDED on whether to expand Medicaid to comply with the Affordable Care Act.

Mississippi Gets Its Own Health Insurance Exchange

Mississippi is the only state in the union that got its health insurance marketplace REJECTED by DHHS. The government agency said “no” to the states plan and that means state residents will be forced to use the federal insurance exchange when looking for health insurance for 2014.

Mississippi set up their own website (http://www.mshie.org/index.php) and it is going to just sit there for the immediate foreseeable future. Both the governor and insurance commissioner are Republicans who oppose the ACA. However, insurance commissioner Mike Chaney was in favor of having a state marketplace rather than have residents use the federal exchange. Intense infighting between the states top officials is thought to have somewhat been responsible for the  Fed’s rejection of the state exchange.





The Entire Mississippi Medicaid Program May Die

The Supreme Court ruled that each state must make its own decision on whether to expand Medicaid. Mississippi is having trouble doing that and in the process could lose the whole program (unlikely but still possible).

The state’s Republicans are facing off with the Democrats which has caused much disagreement about how to proceed with both the proposed state insurance exchange and expanding medicaid. As of June 11, no votes have been cast on the Medicaid issue and something needs to be done before July 1, 2014 or the whole Medicaid program won’t be funded.

Obama Care (ACA) is creating havoc in many states as legislatures try to figure out where they can find the money for the increased health care budgets they will need. Mississippi is one of the poorest states in the Union and its citizens could benefit the most from accessible health care but right now the future is completely unclear.