Montana Health Insurance Exchange

* Montana will NOT start its own health insurance exchange.
* Montana is UNDECIDED on whether to expand Medicaid for ObamaCare.

Montana Won’t Get A State Health Insurance Marketplace

While the governor was in favor of creating one, the Montana state legislature failed twice to pass the necessary bill that would make an exchange possible. In fact, a third bill was passed (but vetoed by Governor Schweitzer) that actually prohibits the creation of any exchange.

People living in Montana that need health insurance will have to use the federal exchange starting on October 1, 2013. The state did get authorization to maintain and review the health plans that are presented there which is more than many states are doing.

A brand new site has just on live in August 2013 that is set up to answer any and all questions people living in Montana might have. You can submit any question and it will be answered by qualified people.

If you are without health insurance, the Affordable Care Act goes live on January 1, 2014 and at that time, all adults living in the United States are required to have insurance. Failure to have any could result in fines from the IRS.

8/20/2013 Update: insurance rates for three carriers have been released and you can see them here: Blue Cross Blue Shield, PacificSource Health Plans, Montana Health Co-op.


Will Montana Get Expanded Medicaid?

Right now as of August 4th, 2013, nothing has been decided for sure in Montana. The state legislature has voted against expanding Medicaid but Governor Bullock is attempting to draft some sort of compromise. The longer things drag on of course, the less likely any Medicaid expansion would happen in 2014. Right now, it is very confusing and both sides of the issue are battling it out.