More Questions Than Answers About Obama’s New Health Care Plan

Now that it is a little more than three months away, Obama Care is getting increased scrutiny from all sides. Its crunch time and for the program to get off the ground on time, a lot of things have to go right. So far, there are many problems.

1) The IRS scandal has taken America’s trust of the agency to a low that threatens funding for the new health care law. Remember, it is the Internal Revenue Service that is in charge of being the gate keeper and levying fines for not having health insurance starting in 2014. Do you want an agency that got caught targeting and auditing specific political groups to be the one that now can fine you for not buying into Obama’s new health care plan? A lot of American’s don’t.

2) While many of the more liberal states signed on early and are well on their way to creating their own insurance exchanges, others are dragging their feet. About half of the states (mostly ones led by Republican governors) are not going to set up marketplaces and will rely on the Federal exchange instead. In three months, what the landscape will look like and who will actually be ready for the program is anyone’s guess.

3) Now that we are at the point of getting more specific about the various plans that will be offered, there is conflicting data about whether the health insurance plans will actually be affordable to the people who need them. Insurance is a complicated industry and honestly, few people understand it. That is why the nation is in such trouble in the first place: health care insurance is a mess! Can the Affordable Care Act really solve any of the current day problems without even addressing tort law? Doctors need to pay so much for their own insurance now days just to protect them from being sued and losing everything.

4) Right now there are uncertainties about almost everything associated with the new law. Most importantly, how much will it cost the nation and will it actually solve any of the current problems? Will people who don’t or can’t get health care now actually be able to get and afford it thought these new exchanges? No one knows as this has never been done before!

One thing that has gone right is that the new website has just been overhauled and looks great. That is where a majority of Americans will be shopping for health insurance if they are unable to get it elsewhere. The new website will serve as the federal health insurance marketplace and October 1, 2013 is the intended start date when you can actually use it.