I have been dreading getting the ObamaCare letter from my health insurer that I knew would be coming. I am self employed and buy my own insurance every month, as does my wife. All over the Internet there are stories of people reporting their health insurance went up because of ObamaCare and I suspected mine would be no different. I was right.

This is the notice from my health insurer Aetna:

The Affordable Care Act is changing health insurance. This includes adding new preventive care and essential health benefits requirements. The ACA also ends medical underwriting. Due to these and other changes, some people will pay more for their health coverage, and other less.

The ACA will affect your health insurance plan. Your current policy will end December 31, 2013. You need to buy a new plan now so that you do not have a gap in coverage on January 1, 2014.

ObamaCare is NOT going to be affordable for many Americans. If your health insurance went up, you are not alone. In my case the monthly rate is going to go from $317 up to $436 which is an increase of about 37.5%. From the letter I got my deductible will be going up from $2500 to $3500 which makes the increased cost even greater.

Like many Americans, I am upset (that is putting it lightly) we are in this situation. Too many people believed Obama when he said that health care costs would actually come down. Common sense tells you that getting more people covered for less money is just not possible. But the President has half of the country spellbound and willing to go along with whatever he says.

The Affordable Care Act is a flat out transfer of power from the people to the government. It is a takeover of our rights and our freedoms, which Congress has conveniently exempted themselves from. ObamaCare may at its heart have good intentions but the health care industry is so messed up that this is not the way to tackle the problem. It doesn’t even include anything about tort reform to help doctors avoid frivolous suits which is one of the things that makes coverage so expensive.

As I am in good heath, I would like to opt out of health insurance for 2014 and just pay the $95 IRS penalty but that would not be the smart thing to do. It would make me feel better initially but if something were to happen to me health wise, it would be a decision I might regret and could end up costing much more than the extra I will be paying from my new ObamaCare premium.

Has your insurance company sent you your ObamaCare letter yet? Are you crying the My Health Insurance Went Up blues or did your insurance somehow go down?