New Hampshire Health Insurance Exchange

New Hampshire will NOT get its own health insurance exchange.
New Hampshire WILL get expanded Medicaid.

Not State Health Marketplace for New Hampshire

It has been reported that only one plan would have been offered if the state had set up an exchange. However, that doesn’t matter anymore after Governor John Lynch signed a bill that put an end to the state health exchange debate. Like many other states, the ultimate cost and viability of a state exchange is what legislators argued over.

If you live in New Hampshire and need health insurance for 2014, you will need to go to the federal exchange website to shop for insurance there. Right now it is still the law that anyone who is 18 years old and over will be required to have health insurance starting in 2014.


Expanded Medicaid Is Approved For New Hampshire

It took awhile but on 3/27/2014 the state of New Hampshire officially expanded Medicaid when Governor Maggie Hassan signed the bill. This means that approximately 50,000 people who are too poor to qualify for ObamaCare will now be covered under the state Medicaid program. While this expansion will ultimately cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars, the Federal government will foot all the bills through 2017. It is this high cost in years after 2017 that the state politicians were debating and why it took so long to come to a conclusion.