New Jersey Health Insurance Exchange

* New Jersey will NOT have its own health insurance exchange.
* New Jersey WILL have expanded Medicaid.

New Jersey Decides Against Having Its Own Health Insurance Marketplace

Governor Chris Christie made sure there would be no state health coverage exchange by vetoing a bill that would have authorized one. The governor was hoping the Affordable Care Act would be repealed if President Obama was not elected. But since he was re-elected and the ACA was blessed by the Supreme Court, the state then had to make a decision about whether to create its own health marketplace. Vetoing the bill put an end to that.

If you live in the state of New Jersey and need health insurance, you should go to the federal health coverage exchange which will open for business on October 1, 2013.

9/17/2013 Update: Aetna Insurance Co. has pulled out of the New Jersey exchange. They have pulled out of at least 4 other states due to disagreements over pricing.


New Jersey Opts For Expanded Medicaid

The states is one of the few that has decided to expand medicaid while not instituting their own health care exchange. Usually the states either do both or neither. However, Governor Christie has decided to support more Medicaid as outlined under the Affordable Care Act even though he vigorously disagrees with the act. Christie feels there are a lot of low income families in New Jersey and expanding Medicaid to get them on Insurance is the responsible thing to do.