New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange

* New Mexico WILL eventually have a state health insurance exchange.
* New Mexico WILL have expanded Medicaid to comply with the Affordable Care Act.

New Mexico Is Late On Building Their Health Insurance Marketplace

ObamaCare has been hotly contested in many states and it has led to much confusion around the country. New Mexico is one of the states that has been dragging its feet trying to figure out what to do but in March 2013 the state legislature voted “yes” to establishing an exchange. Governor Susana Martinez has been in favor of an exchange from day 1 but there was some confusion whether the body she designated to establish the exchange (Health Insurance Alliance) had the authority to do so.

Now that both the New Mexico House and Senate have signed on, there will be a state exchange at some point in the future. However, since that may take longer than October 1, 2013 to get off the ground, residents of the state will have to use the federal insurance marketplace if they need insurance starting January 1, 2014. The state exchange website is unknown at this time and it is hoped that it will be up and running by October 2014.

New Mexico has been granted $18.6 million by the federal government to promote and advertise their new exchange to state residents who need health insurance coverage.


Expanded Medicaid For New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the few states with a Republican governor that has decided in favor of expanding Medicaid. Governor Susana Martinez is in favor of both a state health insurance exchange and expanding Medicaid even though she does not support the Affordable Care Act.

Several health insurance companies in the state are in the process of hiring hundreds of new employees in anticipation of the January 2014 start date for New Mexico expanded Medicaid.