New Oregon Health Insurance Television Ads Will Make You Sick

Oregon has just launched a couple of television ads that are so silly and “feel good” that they make me sick. But maybe I am just out of touch with the new thinking by Liberals that ObamaCare is going to save the day and make us all a happy and healthy country.

It is reported that the state is spending about 2.9 million dollars on advertising aimed at getting the word out about the Oregon health insurance exchange called Cover Oregon. With all the hype and press that will be front page news in the coming months as the Affordable Care Act races toward the starting line, I think spending that kind of money just to make Oregonians aware of the new exchange is money wasted. It is likely most people will be hearing so much about it that they will be able to figure out where to go on their own.

If you want to see more videos paid for by Cover Oregon you can watch them at their Youtube channel.