New York Health Insurance Exchange

* New York WILL have its own state health benefit exchange.
* New York is UNDECIDED on having expanded Medicaid.

A State Health Insurance Benefit Exchange For New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order authorizing the formation of a new state exchange that will be used to cover New Yorkers who don’t currently have coverage. Going into effect in January 2014, President Obama’s Affordable Care Act will require that all adults 18 and over in the united states carry health insurance.

Starting in October 1013, anyone without insurance in New York can go to the new state exchange (called New York State of Health) to find insurance. They cannot be turned down due to existing ailments or any other reason. It is projected that several millions will be eligible for health insurance because of the ACA.

Just announce on July 12,2013 are grants totaling $27 million that will be going to organizations that will be involved in training In-Person Assistors (IPAs)/Navigators for the state exchange. The grants were given by the NY Department of Health in their hopes of creating more knowledgeable and qualified teams who are ready to assist customers with their insurance questions and problems.

These are the 17 insurers and the plans that have been accepted by the state exchange. You can see those plans here:

On August 29th, 2013 Aetna Inc. has pulled out of the New York exchange. They have chosen not to offer individual plans because they cannot be competitive. New York is the 5th state Aetna has pulled out of.


Medicaid Expansion In New York?

Nothing has been officially announced but indications are that it will be expanded. Right now, New York already has a Medicaid program that is more liberal than most other states so the additional work needed to “expand” it it under the ACA is little. However, Medicaid is a steady drain on state tax dollars and so their is always uncertainty and opposition. The New York expanded Medicaid would save the state money in the short term but start to cost it money in 3 years or so.