North Dakota Health Insurance Exchange

* North Dakota will NOT start their own health insurance exchange.
* North Dakota WILL get expanded Medicaid.

North Dakota Won’t Get Its Own Health Insurance Exchange

More than half of the states in the Union have opted not to start their own exchanges and North Dakota is one of them. Unknown costs which might likely skyrocket is the biggest reason why legislators and Governor Dalrymple have decided to defer to the federal exchange.

For those people living in North Dakota, starting October 1, 2013 you will need to go to to look for health insurance if you have no way to get anything from an employer.  Both individuals and small businesses can use the site to shop for insurance that is supposed to be “affordable” under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.


Yes To Expanded Medicaid For North Dakota

Governor Dalrymple has signed a bill this year that will expand Medicaid under the ACA. The legislature passed the bill earlier in 2013 and this makes North Dakota one of the few Republican led states to say “yes” to expanding Medicaid while saying “no” to a state insurance exchange.

Expanding Medicaid is a central piece of the ACA and one of the main ways the new law hopes to get more people insured. States will initially be heavily subsidized by the federal government (for 3 years) but after that they will have to take on a much bigger financial responsibility of paying for the program.