Obama Announces You Can Keep Your Plan After All……Maybe

Giving in to tremendous political pressure from both Republicans and Democrats as well as the American people in general, President Obama announced this morning that everyone who has lost their health plan can now keep them just like he promised. But only for one year (2014) which is NOT what he originally promised.

BIG WARNING: don’t get too excited about this news as it involves all insurance companies reinstating plans that have already been canceled. It means they will have to spend millions more to put back together what they started with and do it in a month or two. It means an incredible amount of man hours and time to reinstate these plans. The insurance companies are being dictated to by the US government and forced to spend money to fix what the government messed up.

Will the insurance companies do all that? Can they be made to do it? They are, after all, private companies and I don’t think they have any obligation to reinstate the old plans. Going forward in 2104 some insurance companies may allow you to keep your health care plan and some may not. So you are NOT GUARANTEED to be able to keep your old plan, no matter what President Obama says.

It should be clear by now to all that the whole American health care system will be in total chaos in 2014 and continuing into 2015 as well. Remember, in 2015 the employer mandate will kick in and create a whole new set of problems.

What an absolute mess!