Obama Voters, Stop Complaining About ObamaCare!

Dear Obama Voter,

Now that the ObamaCare is actually happening, many people are upset to find that their health care premiums and deductibles are actually going to go up! For others, their work hours are being reduced because of the new law. They are upset and don’t understand why!

But if you were one of the people who voted Obama back into office last year, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT OBAMACARE! You voted for him and you wanted his kind of healthcare reform. You voted for the government health care that he would deliver. You voted for someone who embraces socialized medicine. You wanted everyone to be covered and he is trying to give you exactly that.

If you voted for Obama you believed that ObamaCare would be “affordable” because he said it would. You believed him when he said rates would go down. You believed him when he said you could keep your plan and your doctor if you wanted. You believed the care you got/get would continue to be world class in quality.

Well, President Obama lied straight to your face and now you need to suck it up and admit that you made a voting mistake. 

Stop complaining and pull that extra money out of your wallet or go buy your own health insurance that isn’t subsidized. Most of all, learn from your mistake. Things in life are NOT free and politicians lie to you every day. Before you blindly vote next time, remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it is. Didn’t your mothers teach you that?