Official ObamaCare Apps For iOS And Android Are Long Overdue

Why aren’t there any ObamaCare apps officially released by

It is widely known that the Affordable Care Act needs lots of young people to sign up to be successful. So what is the best way to reach this younger generation and inform them about ObamaCare? I’d say a great place to start would be through their smartphones and iPads as they seem to use them almost every waking moment.

As of 12/12/2013 there is no official ObamaCare App for either iOS or Android and that is a shame. In today’s world. one of the best ways reach the masses is through mobile devices and that has been totally overlooked by the people running ObamaCare. Instead, they hold town meetings, pump more money into hiring navigators, and send the President out on speaking engagements. While that reaches some people, it DOESN’T reach the 20 and 30 year olds who are the most important demographic right now.

An ObamaCare App is long overdue and it needs to be an official one that works better than the website. It should clearly and concisely state why people need sign up for health insurance through the marketplace and it should lead them to information that will help them make informed decisions. It needs to work seamlessly with and be a way for people to find the new marketplace.

If done right and given a good amount of publicity, an ObamaCare App would undoubtedly go viral and reach hundreds of thousands of mobile internet users who are exactly the target market. What are they waiting for!