ObamaCare Deductibles Going Up – The Nasty Little Secret Everyone Seems To Ignore

Why is no one talking about the higher ObamaCare Deductibles? Even if your monthly premium is “affordable” or lower than what you had, chances are that the deductible has gone up from the policy you had last year.

There have been thousands of stories, articles, and opinion pieces written about ObamaCare in the last several months. Pro or con, very few of them have bothered to mention that the monthly premium isn’t the only cost of a health care plan. No matter what you pay every month for the plan itself, if the deductible is too high then the plan becomes unaffordable. 

My health insurance is going up from the low $300 dollar range to about $450 per month next year because of ObamaCare. But that isn’t the only rate hike as my deductible is going from $2,500 to $3,500 and if I get sick and have to use my insurance, that is a very real additional $1,000 that will come right out of my pocket.

Obama Purposely Never Talks About Your Rising Deductible

The Obama Administration hopes that you never realize that deductibles are going up for many of the new plans. He is having enough trouble fending off all the wrath from middle class Americans who are signing up to find that their premiums are going up after he promised they would go down. When you add on the higher deductibles that many of the ObamaCare plans come with, you have even higher rates that he hopes you will overlook.

The new ObamaCare deductibles are something that you don’t pay up front every month so they are easy to forget about. They will come later when you get sick and have to use your insurance. The deductibles will probably be a very nasty shock to many people who suddenly find they have even more money to pay just to use their health plan.

**You should cover all bases and also be looking outside the healthcare.gov exchange to see what other private health insurance is available. ObamaCare is NOT the only game in town and you might be able to find private insurance that has a lower deductible and is a better deal even without a subsidy. Especially those people who make too much to get a subsidy should be shopping around for the best premiums AND deductibles and that means checking out plans that are not on the ObamaCare exchange.

ObamaCare Reality Starts In 2014

Sooner or later, we are going to get another round of outrage as people start using their plans and begin to actually find out what they get for ObamaCare. The country will start to fully understand that the Obama Care “product” is not as good as the President promised.

Higher premiums, higher deductibles, fewer doctors, longer wait times, worse care, and a whole host of problems that may come to light as we all start using ObamaCare. Right now everyone is just signing up for the fantasy of ObamaCare but in 2014 we will get to see what we actually bought and voted for. Higher deductibles are just one of the things that are going to negatively impact a lot of unsuspecting people.