ObamaCare Warning: You Don’t Have Insurance Until You Make Your First Payment

Right now the word on the street is that the ObamaCare website healthcare.gov is working a lot better. Yay! But be warned, there are a substantial number of reports from around the country that detail instances where people think they have just bought coverage but they really haven’t. Two things are happening:

1) Some ObamaCare applications appear to be complete online when they really aren’t. You see, the website is still having trouble getting the accurate data to the insurance companies. So even though healthcare.gov tells you that you have successfully picked a plan, there is no guarantee that it is received on the other end.

2) Most importantly, you need to know that until you pay for the plan you pick, you don’t officially have coverage. You also need to get a confirmation letter stating that you have insurance. Until you do, DON’T assume you have coverage!

This is an especially worrisome fact in light of the myriad of problems with the ObamaCare website in the last two months. All the error messages, long loading times, and general confusion that people have had with healthcare.gov has made it very difficult to tell if and when a person has actually been successful in picking and being accepted for a plan. Make sure you understand that with ObmaCare’s HealthCare.gov, you are required to pay the first month’s premium to be insured. No payment means you do NOT have coverage!

Note: each of the state health care websites may have a different set of guidelines and requirements so make sure you check closely to make sure you are insured if you live in one of those states.