Ohio Health Insurance Exchange

* Ohio will NOT have its own health insurance exchange.
* Ohio WILL expand Medicaid in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.

Ohio Won’t Have Its Own Health Insurance Marketplace

Governor John Kasich has announced that the state of Ohio will not create its own exchange and will default to the federal marketplace. Ohio is one of the states where the voters oppose government mandated health care and the costs it will entail.  They do not want more government rules in our lives, especially in an area as important to everyone as health care.

Ohio residents will need to access the federal health insurance exchange come October 1st, 2013 if they are looking for insurance under the ACA. States have been struggling with whether to have their own exchange and keep more control within their borders or whether to relinquish it to the United States government. In many cases, it comes down purely to dollars and cents like it did in Ohio’s case. Signing on to create a new state exchange will, in most cases, be a very expensive proposition many years down the line.

Aetna Inc. has decided NOT to sell health insurance on the Ohio exchange. Ohio is the 5th state that Aetna has pulled out of.




Medicaid Expansion In Ohio

Governor John Kasich, while strongly disagreeing on the ACA, is in favor of expanding Medicaid. He feels that it is the right thing to do and cites that Ronald Reagan himself expanded Medicaid.

Lawsuits are still pending as of 12/10/2013 but there is a new expanded Medicaid website at Benefits.Ohio.gov . The state does not anticipate the same troubles as the ObamaCare website had when just starting out. As long as nothing is overturned, Ohio will get more Medicaid to those who need it.