Oklahoma Health Insurance Exchange

* Oklahoma will NOT build it own state health insurance exchange.
* Oklahoma will NOT expand Medicaid to comply with the ACA.

No Oklahoma State Health Insurance Exchange

Governor Mary Fallin announced in November 2012 that Oklahoma would not build its own exchange. Coming from a state that is firmly against Obama Care (the Affordable Care Act), she feels the added financial burden such a program will put on the states is undesirable. While the US government promises to pay the costs of any such exchange during the first 3 years, it is the years after that which concern many states. Initiating another government program that will entail tons of bureaucracy and tax dollars is something many state governors are unwilling to do.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma has just started a website called “Be Covered Oklahoma” which is designed to educate people on ObamaCare and the new health exchanges. Getting the word out to people in Oklahoma who may need health insurance or have never had health insurance is what the website and campaign are trying to achieve.

So far, four insurance companies have shown interest in offering health plans on the exchange: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma, CommunityCare, GlobalHealth and Coventry Health Care Inc.

If you live in Oklahoma, you will need to visit the federal health insurance exchange that opens in October to search for insurance. Both individuals and small businesses will be able to shop for coverage that is promised to be “affordable”.






No Expanded Medicaid For Oklahoma

Both the Governor and state legislature have decided not to expand Medicaid in Oklahoma. That means state health care institutions will not get the federal dollars that would have gone to them. It also means the state will take in less money from the U.S. government for Medicare as the Affordable Care Act mandated.