Oregon Health Insurance Exchange

* Oregon WILL have its own health insurance marketplace.
* Oregon WILL expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

Oregon’s New Health Insurance Marketplace

3/5/2014 Update: CoverOregon has become the laughing stock of all health exchanges. It has never worked and still doesn’t to this day. Right now Oregon stands as the only state that the general public has no way of signing up to ObamaCare online. The almost 100 million dollars spent on this exchange have been flushed down the toilet and this is especially concerning since Oregon was the first state to get started on their exchange! 


One of the first states to set up their own exchange, Oregon residents will be able to shop for insurance at CoverOregon.com. Both individuals and small businesses needing insurance will be able to log on starting October 1, 2013.

Oregon is ahead of many states in its planning and preparation for an ObamaCare state marketplace. It already has insurance proposals and plans from the major carriers and everything should be ready to go by the anticipated start date. Tens of thousands of Oregonians will turn to CoverOregon hoping to get the affordable health insurance they need.

Update 8/11/2013: There will be reduced functionality for at least the first couple of weeks of CoverOregon.com as it has been reported that they are behind schedule. People will be able to shop for plans on October 1, 2013 but they will not be able to purchase them without the help of a certified insurance broker or community group. What exactly that means is not certain.

Additionally, the exchange is asking the federal government for $16.2 million dollars more in grants due to miscalculations and a projected shortfall in money. They claim to have not asked for enough initially and now need more grant money to complete the exchange.

11/11/2013 Update: CBS is reporting that to this point in time, absolutely no one has signed up through the Cover Oregon exchange. That is ZERO people have gotten through and actually been accepted for ObamaCare health insurance. This is a truly astounding number if true and shows just how many problems the whole Affordable Care Act has and how flawed both the state and national websites are.





Oregon Gets Expanded Medicaid

Expanded Medicaid has already happened in Oregon. However, there is a new study by the New England Journal of Medicine that comes to the conclusion that it is not worth the added dollars it costs. Anything as far reaching as Medicaid is very expensive but the study found that all the money used never equated to people being more healthy.

Expanded Medicaid is a divisive topic in many states because it takes more and more taxpayer dollars to run and the benefits are unclear. This study adds fuel to the fire that expanding Medicaid may really be flushing good money down the toilet.