Pennsylvania Health Insurance Exchange

* Pennsylvania will NOT have their own health insurance exchange.
* Pennsylvania is UNDECIDED on whether to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

No State Health Insurance Marketplace For Pennsylvania

Governor Tom Corbett has made the announcement that there will be no Pennsylvania health insurance exchange and that the state will use the federal marketplace instead. In the beginning legislators intended to create a state marketplace but information was too slow coming out of Washington and it was too difficult to determine just what was needed to satisfy the ACA. Therefore, the Governor chose to back away and turn things over to Washington and in doing so the state will be relinquishing control of their health insurance offerings to the federal government.

Anyone living in Pennsylvania who needs health coverage should go to the national insurance marketplace on or after October 1, 2013 to view the different plans that are available. Small businesses should also do the same thing.


Time Is Running Out For Pennsylvania Expanded Medicaid

Nothing has been set in stone as of June 6, 2013 but it is almost too late to get Medicaid expanded for 2014. There is a Republican Gene DiGirolamo who believes he has crafted a bill that would be acceptable to both sides. However, at this late date and with the tide against him, it may already be too late to get anything through and implemented by next year.

Expanding Medicaid may save money in some cases the first three years because the federal government will pay more into the system for the states. However, it is after those first years that state legislators are worried about as it is after that when the states are required to pay more into the system. In an economy as bad as the one we have now with so much debt floating around, Pennsylvania legislators are hesitant to pass something like expanded Medicaid that may end up being extremely costly many years later.