Real Americans Hate ObamaCare And Can’t Afford It 1

Harry Reid may think that all Americans who tell horror stories about ObamaCare are lying but the truth is, they aren’t. The fact is that millions of regular working class people who are self employed or work for small businesses just can’t afford the new “affordable” ObamaCare rates.

These are real people. They are like you and me, trying to work for a living, raise a family, stay out of debt, and pay the bills. These are the folks that built America and continue to build America. But now they suddenly have the Affordable Care Act rammed down their throats and with it comes higher monthly premiums (in many cases) and much higher deductibles (in most cases).

The Obamacare deductibles are still not getting the press they deserve as too many people still don’t understand what a deductible is. Remember, you have to pay that off first BEFORE you can get most of the benefits of your health insurance policy. If you can’t afford to pay the deductible, your insurance policy is of little benefit to you even though you pay a monthly premium.

Watch the real video below of real American workers sitting down with their employer to find out what their new ObamaCare health insurance costs will be. NONE of them are happy and this is why a growing number of people around the country are starting to realize President Obama told the American people a pack of lies to get this legislation passed.

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  1. Lucie Sanders Mar 6,2014 11:12 PM

    I agree completely, my husband is 62, a commercial truck driver who would like to retire but can’t. We are in the middle class income bracket and that is the bracket that will feel this the most, I’m not a big fan of health care insurance companies some of this they have asked for, but there is no way I want the federal govt. running it, if people think the govt. doesn’t waste money just take a look at what has happened in Oregon, where is all our money going. The thing that is so disturbing is every decision made by this president is political with no regard for our country and whats best for it. As far as I’m concerned this is the chicago political machine grown to a national

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